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The Consumers section of the ArizonaCERT web site has tools to help patients use medicines and other medical products. Although prescription drugs are safe when used correctly under the care of a physician, they have the potential to cause harm to patients. The good news is that the majority of problems can be prevented or greatly lessened when patients and health care providers work together.

Patients and their caregivers play an important role in keeping medicines safe. By taking an active part in their health care in the doctor's office and at home, patients and their caregivers can avoid mistakes or problems with their medicines.


 Tools You Can Use



A list of recommended websites to help consumers find free, useful and accurate drug information online.

» Medication Record
A downloadable tool to keep a list of your medications.
(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

» Ask the Heart Expert
Commonly asked questions and answers about heart arrhythmias, QT syndrome, and torsades de pointes.

» Medicine Interaction Cabinet

A unique way to learn about the safety of non-prescription medicines in your medicine cabinet.


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» Important Drug Interaction Information
Articles about drug interactions with other drugs and drug interactions with food.

» Methadone Interaction Wallet Card (PDF)

Patients taking prescribed methadone can use this handy wallet card to check for drugs that interact with methadone.  for quotes on pre-printed cards.

More info on Methadone drug interactions

» Useful Links
Links to other sites that give additional information on medicines.




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