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Mary Brown, PhD

Mary Brown is a lecturer in the Department of Communication at the University of Arizona and an investigator directing the Education Core of the Arizona CERTs. Her specializations include the impact of interpersonal communication on health and the design and analysis of informative and persuasive messages relating to health. She teaches university courses in interpersonal and health communication and has co-authored two college texts. In addition, Dr. Brown studies strategic application of educational interventions to obtain behavior change. She holds a doctorate in communication and public health from the University of Arizona.

Prior to her work at the University of Arizona, she was a research specialist and manager for the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs, where she managed $2.3 million in statewide perinatal substance abuse research projects and conducted planning and policy analysis concerning addiction treatment for women and clients with co-occurring mental conditions, and the impact of infectious diseases and managed care on alcohol and drug residential treatment.

Before joining the Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs, Dr. Brown served as a research analyst and information specialist for the Environmental Monitoring Branch of the California Department of Food and Agriculture where she translated scientific information into nontechnical reports for the state legislature, the media and the public. Before that she served as a health program advisor for California Office of AIDS, developing and managing pilot projects for community-based care of persons with AIDS.