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Physicians, nurses and pharmacists play central roles in the team effort to use medications wisely. This section includes tools to assist with prescribing and dispensing of medications, four searchable lists of drugs arranged by their potential to cause QT prolongation and torsades, and instructions for submitting a case report to the QT Registry (The International Registry for Drug-Induced Arrhythmias). We also provide a variety of educational resources and links to other useful sites that give additional information on therapeutics. The goal of these efforts is to provide professionals with access to information that will help improve patient safety.


 Resources for Professionals


View QT Drug Lists
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Clinical Overview
  » Background & History of QT Drugs

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Submit a Case of Torsades de Pointes to the QT Registry
  » About the Registry
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  » Medications that Interact with Methadone  Our Methadone Interaction Wallet Card (printable pdf) can be used for quick reference by patients and professionals. for quotes on pre-printed cards.


Causal Diagram of Conditions Leading to Adverse Drug Events (ADEs) in Outpatient Settings. Interactive diagram shows complex network of causes for ADEs from the patient’s perspective. Includes evidence summaries. For use as a tool for education or research. View the journal article which describes how the causal diagram was created.

Causal Diagram

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Other Education Resources:
  » The Inherited Long QT Syndrome
  » Knowledge Objectives in Medical Pharmacology
  » Knowledge Objectives in Clinical Pharmacology

CERT Publications
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