Eisenberg Memorial Therapeutics Research Lectureship

Marietta Anthony, PhD
Associate Vice President for Women’s Health Research
The University of Arizona Health Sciences Center

Dr Anthony obtained a PhD in Medical Microbiology and Immunology at the UCLA School of Medicine where she conducted research on retroviruses that cause cancer. Afterward, she was a postdoctoral fellow studying cancer growth in the Department of Biological Chemistry at UCLA.

She has had appointments in three different federal agencies. At the Agency for Healthcare Policy and Research, Dr. Anthony managed expert panels that were developing evidence-based clinical practice guidelines. She worked on the guidelines “Evaluation and Management of Early HIV Infection” and “Quality Determinants of Mammography.” At the Food and Drug Administration, she was the Acting Deputy Director of the Office of Women’s Health and also served as science advisor and director of the women’s health research program. At the National Institutes of Health, she became the Director of Research Programs in the Office of Research on Women’s Health. She has served on numerous national committees and advisory boards on various women’s health issues.

After leaving the federal government, Dr Anthony joined the department of pharmacology at Georgetown University Medical Center as Director of Women’s Health Research and Assistant Director of the General Clinical Research Center.
Now at the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center, Dr Anthony is Associate Vice President for Women’s Health Research. Dr. Anthony is a Professor with the Pharmacodynamic Core for the University of Arizona CERT grant from the AHRQ.

Lecture Topics:

  • QT prolonging drugs and adverse events, particularly in women
  • Differences between women and men in drug pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
  • Menopausal hormone therapy after the Women's Health Initiative.