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Eisenberg Visiting Lectureship Grant

The John Eisenberg Memorial
Therapeutics Research Lectureship

Mission: To honor the legacy of Dr. John Eisenberg by promoting his life’s work: ensuring that patients have the highest quality and safest health care possible.

Medical Centers with a graduate degree program with an emphasis in therapeutics are asked to apply for funding through a Visiting Lectureship grant. The funding will allow the medical center to invite a leader from one of the CERT programs for teaching and professional exchange.

The research focus at the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center CERT is reduction of drug interactions, particularly in women.

Application Deadline: Feb. 24, 200

For more information and application instructions, please contact us at

» Marietta Anthony, PhD

• QT prolonging drugs and adverse events,
 particularly in women
• Differences between women and men in drug
 pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
• Menopausal hormone therapy after the
 Women's Health Initiative.

» Mary Brown, PhD
  • Use of logic models in planning and research
• Provider-patient communication
» Lane Johnson, MD, MPH
  • Twenty Herbs to Remember:
 What Health Care Providers Need to Know
» Daniel C. Malone, PhD
  • Improving Patient Safety: Reducing Drug-Drug Interactions
• Clinically Important Drug-Drug Interactions -
 A Population Based Assessment
• Health Care Technology Assessment -
 Cost-effectiveness and Decision Analysis
» John E. Murphy, PharmD
  • Evaluating and managing drug-drug interactions
• Medication errors: The hidden disease

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