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 Welcome to the Arizona CERT!

The Arizona CERT is an independent research and education center whose mission is to improve therapeutic outcomes and reduce adverse events caused by drug interactions and drugs that prolong the QT interval, especially those affecting women, through research and a broad range of educational programs for medical professionals and consumers.

We are one of fifteen national Centers for Education and Research on Therapeutics (CERTs) funded by the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). The CERTs mission is to conduct research and provide education that will advance the optimal use of drugs, medical devices, and biological products.


 Tools you Can Use

We maintain four separate lists of drugs, based on risk category, that may prolong the QT interval. The QT Drug lists are a valuable resource for professionals and interested patients.

Medication Webliography for Consumers

A list of recommended websites to help consumers find free, useful and accurate drug information online. There's More Than One Pill For ED: A Detailed Overview of Cialis in Australia And Erectile Dysfunction. View the list online or download a printable brochure or

patient information sheet


Causal Diagram of Conditions Leading to Adverse Drug Events (ADEs) in Outpatient Settings

Interactive diagram shows complex network of causes for ADEs from the patient’s perspective. Includes evidence summaries. For use as a tool for education or research. Please select your monitor to view:

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This handy wallet card can be used for quick reference by patients and professionals. More info. Viagra pour femme: non recommandé mais est-ce que ça aide En savoir plus sur le Viagra féminin en Suisse

Download a printable wallet card (PDF), or for quotes on pre-printed cards.




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